Unity Worldwide Ministries Leasing Space at Unity Village

September 20, 2016

Dear Friends,

Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) and Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village (UWH) are delighted to announce that UWM is returning to Unity Village. After months of negotiation, the boards of both organizations have agreed on a long-term, mutually beneficial lease for UWM to occupy a portion of the historic Education Building, beginning in September 2017.

Both organizations are looking forward to being in closer daily proximity. Plans for creating a successful relocation are under way. Here are the starting points: UWM is leasing approximately 20,000 square feet of office space and will lease additional space as required for events. UWH is retaining the Archives, Fillmore Chapel, second floor classrooms, and most of the first floor former library, which will likely be converted to archives space.

The actual move is expected to start next summer, however preparations in the Education Building will begin as early as next month. UWH has asked fall and spring campus Nehemiah volunteers to help get the space prepared for new occupancy.

Options for the current UWM building at 401 SW Oldham Parkway will be researched, a plan determined by a task team of qualified individuals, and then approved by UWM board members. There are no plans to sell the building at this time. UWM will share further information as it becomes available.

In the midst of all this news, the leadership of UWM and UWH hope you will pause to reflect on what an absolute joy it will be to have our organizations together again on the sacred grounds of Unity Village. Anticipating this “unity within Unity,” our two boards drafted a Declaration of Interdependence in late 2015. Borrowing from its closing words, we invite you to join us in affirming our “mutually loving and supportive relationship—one that exemplifies our true calling and our true purpose in Unity.”

Yours in service to Unity,

Donna Johnson, President and CEO
Unity Worldwide Ministries

      Jim Blake, CEO
Unity World Headquarters