January: Healing

Healing: Words of life encourage the healing of my body.

From Eric Butterworth

Learning to See Wholeness

The Healing Stream, Part 1 

The Healing Stream, Part 2

The Healing Stream, Part 3

The Healing Stream, Part 4


Other Resources

Healing Words by Rev. Lana Charlton Discovering Eric Butterworth with Rev. Tom Thorpe on Unity Online Radio
Episode: Stepping Healthward: Listeners are invited to demonstrate a greater awareness of health and wholeness by making use of the spiritual resources available to everyone.   

Healing Words by Rev. Lana Charlton—The author shares how to replace fearful thinking with positive words in a three-step process.

The Breath of Life from positivechristianity.org—Christopher Chenoweth shares words of encouragement in this YouTube video.

Being An Overcomer by Rev. Dr. Paulette Hogan—After receiving an "unfavorable diagnosis" from her doctor, Rev. Dr. Paulette Hogan shares how she became an overcomer.

A Child's Healing—Children, with their simple faith and innate eagerness to express life, respond readily to positive thoughts and words of life and health.

Visioning for a Brand-New Year by Rev. Felicia Searcy—In this timely article from Daily Word magazine, Rev. Felicia Searcy shares how you can use spiritual principles to learn a different way to envision the future.