March: Inner Peace

Inner Peace: Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul.


From Eric Butterworth


Living Life From Within-Out

There are many definitions of God, but none quite so insightful as this: God is the sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. Read.




Other Resources


 Prayer and the Silence; Unity Online Radio’s Discovering Eric Butterworth with Rev. Tom Thorpe—Self-awareness, Eric Butterworth tells us, can only come through an inner awareness of the Divine flow. Listen as Eric tells why he prefers the term Silence rather than meditation as a way of describing how we “enter into our inner chamber and close the door.”


God is Enough By Jim Rosemergy
Use these three simple words to remind yourself to look within for the resources necessary to live life.


How to Recognize God’s Voice By Ellen Debenport
Find inner peace by remembering what Jesus taught: God is within, always present.