Discover the Power Within You

Unity is designating 2012 as the year to Discover the Power Within You, linking with the powerful book of the same name by the late Rev. Eric Butterworth. If you are unfamiliar with the book or with Rev. Butterworth, we invite you to visit for more information on the man and on the book that Oprah Winfrey claimed “changed my perspective on life and religion. Eric Butterworth teaches that God isn’t ‘up there.’ He exists in, around, above and through each one of us, and it’s up to us to seek the divine within.”

Each month of 2012 will focus on a different topic, correlating with the top 12 most requested prayer needs received by Silent Unity. Bookmark this page and check back often for feature articles, meditations, affirmations and other resources (including writings from Rev. Butterworth) to support that month’s topic.

Guidance: I let go and let God guide me.

From Eric Butterworth

The Effusion of Light - In this excerpt from In the Flow of Life Butterworth writes, “If there is one thing one needs more than anything else, it is light: light in terms of insight into self, guidance along life’s way, knowledge of the secrets of the universe, and the wisdom to use light and not abuse it.”

Techniques for Abundant Living – In this excerpt from Unity: A Quest for Truth, Butterworth provides several very simple yet practical things you can do to better allow God to guide your life.


Other Resources

Let Go. Let God fill Your Need – According to ordained Unity minister Mary L. Kupferle, God is ready to do what you cannot do by yourself.

Surrendering All to God – When his son falls four stories from an open window to the ground, Rev. Gardiner Rapelye learns how to get out of the way and surrender all to God.

Fall Picnic – This article written for young children and their parents demonstrates how to overcome life’s challenges by letting go of your fears and asking for some Divine guidance.

Guidance Prayers & Affirmations – Silent Unity offers several prayers and affirmations to help guide your way.

My Miracle of Letting Go – In realizing the power of letting go, a mother uses her medical skills to save the life of a child on the brink of death just like her son who died many years earlier.


Right Road, Wrong Turn – Rev. Paulette Pipe says there are spiritual clues all around us to help navigate our way around the detour and back on course.

Your Plans vs. The Divine Plan – Rev. Jennifer Hadley shares how we can make huge progress in ending our suffering through releasing the attachments we have to how we think things should be and getting in tune “with the Higher Holy Spirit Self, which is constantly downloading the Divine Plan for your life.”

Let Go, Let God: 31 Inspirational Messages From Daily Word – This CD of sharing thirty-one "Let Go, Let God" messages from Daily Word magazine will inspire you to trust God to know what is needed most in your life.