Discover the Power Within You

Unity is designating 2012 as the year to Discover the Power Within You, linking with the powerful book of the same name by the late Rev. Eric Butterworth. If you are unfamiliar with the book or with Rev. Butterworth, we invite you to visit for more information on the man and on the book that Oprah Winfrey claimed “changed my perspective on life and religion. Eric Butterworth teaches that God isn’t ‘up there.’ He exists in, around, above and through each one of us, and it’s up to us to seek the divine within.”

Each month of 2012 will focus on a different topic, correlating with the top 12 most requested prayer needs received by Silent Unity. Bookmark this page and check back often for feature articles, meditations, affirmations and other resources (including writings from Rev. Butterworth) to support that month’s topic.


From Eric Butterworth

How to Change Others—It is a perfectly natural thing to see the needs of people and want to do something about them. However, much as you want to change another person, the first step is not to set him right, but rather to see him rightly.



Other Resources

You Can Get Along Harmoniously with Others by Martha Smock—If there is even one person with whom you are not at peace, then you have a work to do, and the work begins with you.

Forgive a Little: People You Know, People You Don't by Noelle Sterne—What we can't forgive is really who we can't forgive: nonrelatives, our parents, our partners, and ourselves.

I Willingly Forgive Others by Jim Rosemergy—Few realize that unforgiveness is often at the foundation of why we have few truly powerful, harmonious relationships with other people.

Mystical Experiences by Rev. John Connor—To be truly peaceful requires harmony from within, which may lead to your own mystical experience.




In this episode of Discovering Eric Butterworth on Unity Online Radio, Unity Online Radio host Tom Thorpe explores what Butterworth's thoughts on how "You Make the Difference." Listen.


Rev. Ellen Grace O'Brian, host of The Yoga Hour: Living the Eternal Way on Unity Online Radio, is joined by John Philp Newell, ministers with the Church of Scotland and author of more than 15 books. Together they explore the meeting place of Yoga and Celtic spirituality, particularly traditions that honor the Earth and help us find healing in our lives today. Listen.