Daily Word

Daily Word, in continuous publication since 1924, has been read by tens of millions of people throughout the world. The magazine touches the hearts and minds of readers wherever they are on their spiritual journey.  

Through daily affirmations, Bible scriptures, and inspiring messages, readers are encouraged to focus on the presence and power of God within. Many people comment on Daily Word as a blessing, adding meaning and fulfillment in their daily lives. 



Daily Word currently reaches nearly 700,000 people through its bimonthly distribution in print in the United States and more than 100 other countries. In addition, Daily Word Digital emails the daily message to more than 20,000 subscribers each day. More than 135,000 fans follow Daily Word on Facebook and Twitter.

Daily Inspiration

Each issue of the magazine includes two months of daily affirmative messages, articles, and spiritual poetry. Daily Word is written by a dedicated team of spiritual writers who strive to provide inspirational messages that help people live true to their divine potential.

International Outreach

International editions are printed in six languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese) in 18 countries, including the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the United Kingdom.


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