Silent Unity

Every day, people all over the world turn to Silent Unity® for spiritual support … to prayerfully affirm health, harmony, prosperity, and inner peace. For more than 120 years, Silent Unity has been a window into the hearts of people around the globe.

More than two million people annually contact Silent Unity for prayer support. And there are countless stories of people’s faith uplifted, health renewed, relationships restored, and prosperity realized.


Our Ministry

Prayer staff is available 24/7 on our English toll-free prayer line: 1-816-969-2000.

Prayer staff is available seven days a week on our Spanish toll-free prayer line:

Prayer requests can be mailed to the Silent Unity postal address.

Prayer requests can be submitted online in English at, and in Spanish at

Our Mission

The Silent Unity mission is to “Pray with all who ask for prayer.”

All prayer requests are held in the Silent Unity Prayer Vigil Chapel for 30 days. Our prayer staff maintains a continuous prayer vigil.

Silent Unity keeps a sacred trust of confidentiality with all whom we serve.

Our Method of Prayer

Silent Unity prays affirmatively, believing that all people have divine qualities and are one with God. Through prayer, individuals can become open to claim God’s infinite goodness, to live healthy, meaningful, and abundant lives.

Affirmative prayer reflects the certainty that we are each being led to our highest good, despite any temporary appearances.


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