Bill Englehart

Bill EnglehartThe Lasting Value of Giving to Where You’re Spiritually Fed

Rev. Bill Englehart discovered Unity during a crossroads in his life. He was searching for a spiritual community in the early 1990s when he visited Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri.

“I wanted to connect with the spiritual essence of who I am,” he says. “I’m a very practical person, and I was seeking spiritual principles for living my best life right here, right now.

“I remember listening to Duke Tufty and Karyn Bradley—I became more involved in Unity from then on.”

Before he was called to ministry, Bill’s career took him to London where he worked for a Fortune 50 company as an International Human Resources Director. While in London he reflected on his life and decided to take a new path.

“I felt like I’d done what I wanted to do in my career and began to give some thought to what my next steps were going to be,” he explains. “I became an ordained Unity minister in 2005, and I’ve been the senior minister at Unity In Marin since 2006.”

Unity In Marin has more than 400 members and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Bill is proud to be part of such a vibrant and engaged church.

“In 50 years there have been only three ministers here,” he says. “I’m the third, the other two retired after years of service.

“It’s a solid, wonderful community.”

In appreciation for the many ways Unity has enriched his life, Bill has chosen to include Unity in his future plans.

“Whatever wealth we acquire in life is a reflection of our life energy,” Bill says. “It’s important to have a plan and direct where you want that energy to continue after you’re gone.

“I believe in giving to the places that have fed me spiritually.”

He encourages everyone to act now rather than later when it comes to creating a will and deciding where your assets will go after your transition. Bill says he’s seen too many families struggle in the aftermath of a death when estate plans aren’t perfectly clear.

“If you don’t have a plan, the state has one for you,” he laughs. “If you’re reading this right now, I encourage you not to delay. 

“And you can always change your mind,” he adds. “It’s not a daunting process.”

Bill also hopes that those who have been touched by prayer with Unity will consider including Unity in their estate plans as well.

“If you’ve prayed with Silent Unity® or ever felt like ‘that Daily Word® message was written for me,’ a legacy gift to Unity is a way to ensure that those teachings will live on for decades to come and continue to touch lives.

“Unity is built on the generosity of love offerings,” he concludes. “We give from our hearts in appreciation for the many ways Unity has helped us live loving and fulfilling lives.”