Bill Luke

Bill LukeInspiration and Support in War and Peace

I entered college as World War II began, but after a semester, I enlisted in the service—leaving home and facing the unknown. Unity and Daily Word, part of my life since the 1930s, proved to be positive guides during my time in the service.

The 336 Combat Engineer Battalion went through amphibious training, and it became evident that we would be involved in the European invasion as June 1944 neared. As a clerk, I assumed I would not be involved in the D-Day landing. Wrong! June 6 came, and I was one of the thousands of service men who came ashore on Normandy’s Omaha Beach that historic day. One of the instructions was to waterproof whatever we’d be carrying. I carefully waterproofed Daily Word, which I kept with me every day, along with a small Bible. These things gave me the peaceful confidence that all would be right.

We walked about two miles to the site where hundreds of anti-vehicle mines had to be defused and removed. The road had to be built up to higher ground. The work was successfully completed and bumper-to-bumper traffic used that road for four days. I said a prayer of thanks for our safety and the men’s ability to complete the work quickly. I then read Daily Word, and I knew that it was not only working for my safety and success but it also reflected to the others with me.

Daily Word continued to give me guidance, confidence, and peace while I was in the service. I knew that Unity would be a positive part of my life forever. After the military, in the 1940s, I began my career with a highway bus company. One interesting trip was to Kansas City and to Unity Village. I was given a tour of Unity Village and was very impressed with Unity because I saw that it emphasized peace as well as a practical, positive, and progressive Christian teaching.

After a few years, I found that perfect girl to marry. We met at the Greyhound bus lines travel bureau. Adelene had no knowledge of Unity, but she had all the qualities of a Unity person, especially her positive outlook and the love she expressed. We married and have a happy, blessed partnership. Unity and Daily Word have been an important part of the 60 years we have been together. 

Unity helped us make important decisions like moving across the country. It guided us in establishing our own bus industry trade journal publishing business we called Friendship Publications. Friendships multiplied and so did our success.

Friendship Publications was based on Unity principles, and many editorials had a Unity flavor. Even guest editorials were positive, interesting, and educational. Unity helped us avoid complications and pitfalls sometimes common in the business world, and operating the business was smooth-going and fun.

Since we sold the business and “retired,” I’ve authored or coauthored 15 books on bus industry history and written many articles. Adelene and I continue to travel, and Unity Village has been on our schedule several times. We’ve met many wonderful friends during our visits and learned more about Unity. Silent Unity and its ever-shining light is a special inspiration as it encourages us to “let our light shine,” a special motto to the blessing Unity continues to be for us.