Giles and Mitzi Rusk

“The Doors of Our Life Are Always Opening”

Mitzi Rusk is an avid gardener … a real hands-on person who likes to get to the heart of any project she’s involved in. When she visited Unity Village as part of a Nehemiah Retreat, she carried that spirit with her.

“The whole thing turned out to be a wonderful experience. At Nehemiah, we’re coming and going, working on different projects. We’re looking around knowing the staff of the Village can’t take care of everything. We have our eyes open, and we’re looking at what needs to be done,” Mitzi says.

That’s how Mitzi noticed the doors of the Administration Building were in need of a little TLC.

The doors were hand-carved by master woodworker Ivan Lee, who selected walnut trees that succumbed to drought in the 1930s. He completed 30 doors that grace Unity Village buildings today. The most ornate took up to six months to create.

Mitzi and her husband Giles gave a generous gift toward restoring the doors, an act that has deep spiritual significance for the Rusks.

“Even though I never met [former Unity poet laureate] James Dillet Freeman, I know he has put his hands on those doors,” she explains.

The doors also symbolize the renewal and faith evident at Unity Village, and present within each of us.

“The doors of our lives are always opening. We think they’re closing, but new ones are always opening.”

The Rusks’ gift will ensure the doors at Unity Village continue to emanate love and support well into the future.

“The life and renewal of Unity’s campus is constantly happening. We’re passionate about wanting the Village and Silent Unity to be there for generations to come, and to do that, we must help.”