John and Marilyn Macumber

For the Macumbers, Life Is About Giving

When John and Marilyn Macumber first visited a Unity church in St. Louis 50 years ago, they knew they’d found their spiritual home.

“I walked out and said, ‘This is marvelous!’” says John.

John and Marilyn both grew up in the Methodist church and met at a Methodist college. But when they visited the church in St. Louis and heard Rev. Dale Batesole, everything changed.

“It was like coming home,” says Marilyn. “Everything I believed was coming out of Dale’s mouth.”

Since that special day 50 years ago, the Macumbers, who now live in southwest Utah, have attended Unity churches wherever they’ve lived, including New Orleans, Los Angeles, Portland, Minneapolis, and Denver. They’ve learned from Unity leaders including Sig Paulson, Catherine Ponder, and Les Saunders.

“We’ve been blessed by wonderful Unity ministers,” says Marilyn, who is currently working with her husband and a group of spiritual friends to lay the foundation for “what can be a very vibrant Unity center” in their own community.

For the Macumbers, Unity is a way of life. “Unity principles provide a basis for understanding the nature of reality versus appearances,” says Marilyn. “Unity offers one of many paths to an awakening world. There are a lot of people searching but not going deep into spirituality and the principles as Unity does.”

John adds, “In some churches, they say they want you to be a member and that their way is the only right one. That’s not how it is in Unity. We’re not worried about competition. Everyone is on their own journey.”

One of the most powerful spiritual practices they’ve learned, and continued for decades, is tithing, which has given them a profound sense of well-being.

“Life is about giving, whether it’s my money or my time. It’s always about giving, and then you’re taken care of. It isn’t just financial,” says Marilyn, who also serves as volunteer coordinator for a nonprofit that helps survivors of domestic violence. “When you believe God is everywhere present, how can you not give?”

As part of their giving to Unity World Headquarters, John and Marilyn contributed to the restoration of the Tower and development of a prayer garden at Unity Village. The Tower was formerly home to Awaken Whole Life Center, a holistic healing center.

“The holistic healing center is a wonderful initiative,” says Marilyn. “It’s great that Unity is going beyond prayer. I love Silent Unity® and I always recommend it to people, but you can heal on many levels, and that’s what I like about the Tower. There are many levels for different kinds of healing.”

A strong force in their community, the Macumbers are also archeological site stewards for the area north of the Grand Canyon. They love to travel, have studied the Twelve Powers extensively, enjoy Charles Fillmore’s metaphysical Bible interpretation, read voraciously, and regularly participate in book study groups, including a recent study of the Unity book, The Lazarus Blueprint, by Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla.

“We’re so grateful to Unity, Silent Unity, the publications like Daily Word®, Unity Magazine.and the books. All of it!” says Marilyn ,

John and Marilyn attended the dedication of the Tower at Unity World Day of Prayer September 12, 2013, where they saw their generous gift come to life.

“I found my path,” says John. He knew it 50 years ago and he knows it now: “Unity is right for me!”