Karl and Gytha Hinkle

Karl and Gytha HinkleIn order from left to right (all Hinkles): Eric (Karl’s brother), Gytha, Karl and Gytha’s daughter Jenna, Karl’s father Charles, and Karl.

Returning to the Well From Which They Draw

Karl and Gytha Hinkle, both Realtors® in Colorado Springs, Colorado, who have been married for 19 years, were searching for a spiritual home.

“We were active in another faith community the first four years of our marriage, but we began to sense that we weren’t as fulfilled as we could be,” Karl says. “Something was lacking—there were questions we couldn’t find answers for.”

They began to search on the internet for other communities that matched their perspective, and discovered Unity. It was the home they were seeking.

Karl, Gytha, and their three children found they were not only drawn to their local Unity community, but that Silent Unity® also became a blessing to their family.

“We have shared Silent Unity with family and friends,” Karl says. “The prayer, comfort, and solace are such gifts.

“Unity is a big part of our lives,” he continues. “We find the more we contribute and engage, the greater the blessings that come into our lives. It’s like a positive spiral.

“And the way the Unity message is communicated is so foundational and universal,” Karl says. “Anyone can find beauty and value there.”

Gytha echoes Karl’s thoughts and explains the aspect of connection and oneness in Unity is another reason they choose to support Unity philanthropically.

“We want to focus on something positive,” Gytha explains. “Not just in our lives, but in the lives of others because we truly are all one. We want to help grow that mission spiritually.”

Karl agrees and says, “When we contribute to the mission of Unity, we contribute to the welfare of all people who are in spiritual need. It’s a privilege to give freely with no expectation of reward.”

Operating from a principle of prosperity, Karl and Gytha believe it’s important to return what they can to the place that nourishes them spiritually. And for them, “prosperity” has a much deeper meaning than something financial.

“When we say ‘prosperity,’ we believe we are supplied with what we need for life if we trust,” Karl explains. “We’ve seen this operate in our lives time and again.

“Giving is necessary for us. We are simply returning blessings to the well from which we draw.”