Margaret and Louis DeMott-Feldman

They Found Unity ‘By Divine Appointment’

When Margaret DeMott walked into her first Unity church in the mid-1990s and heard “You are here by Divine appointment,” and “Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome here,” she knew she’d found her spiritual home.

Margaret, a high school English teacher, said what she heard at Unity of Modesto, California, mirrored her own beliefs about using a positive approach in teaching adolescents.

“I found that when I saw the goodness in them, it would come out,” she says. “It was similar to the Unity teaching of seeing the Christ in others.”

Margaret, who was going through a divorce at the time, said Unity of Modesto gave her just the support and self-esteem boost she needed.

“Unity builds its people up. A lot of churches tear people down,” she says. “The teaching that you are a child of God—no one had told me before that I was a spiritual being.”

Finding Unity had such a positive impact on Margaret’s life that when she met her now-husband Louis Feldman four years later, he was intrigued enough to check out Unity for himself—which was no small thing.

“For 36 years I had virtually no interaction with religious organizations,” says Louis. “I had come to the conclusion that the hierarchy of any religion I knew of had twisted and distorted the insights of its founders in order to keep themselves in power.”

Unity, he said, is different. “I feel a strong validation of who I am, and I often feel uplifted and empowered by what happens at a Unity service. If I tune in, I get in touch with powers I didn’t know I had.

“What Unity teaches is an expression of what I’d believed since I was a child,” says Louis. Now he realizes: “I wasn’t a heretic. I was just a natural born New Thoughter!”

The DeMott-Feldmans’ love for Unity led them to explore Unity Village and the many programs and services offered by Unity World Headquarters. Through their heartfelt and generous financial support, they have become members of the Unity Circle of Friends® and the Fillmore Heritage Society, a special group of friends who have chosen to support Unity through an estate gift.

“We give back to Unity in gratitude for our abundance, our love, our relationship, and our life,” says Margaret.

They’ve also found that their giving “comes back to us in surprising ways,” she says.

When they were in a serious car accident, where their car flipped two or three times, “We stood up and walked away from it,” says Margaret. “That was the month Silent Unity® was praying for us. As we were standing there after the accident, a pastor came to pray with me and he said, ‘Jesus loves you.’”

They also credit Unity principles for the miraculous healing of their beloved German shepherd, Kalina, who was diagnosed with cancer three years ago. “Even with surgery and chemotherapy, they gave her only a year to live,” says Margaret. “We called Silent Unity for prayer. Kalina had surgery and began chemotherapy. Two months later there was no sign of cancer in her body. It’s been three years and she’s still cancer-free.”

The DeMott-Feldmans would like the blessings of Unity to be shared and experienced more widely.  

“America is pretty challenged at this point,” says Margaret. “Unity provides the spiritual tools and helps empower the individual to have a better life." Whether it is someone struggling with health issues, unemployment, relationships, prosperity, or finding inner peace, “I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Unity.”

"Daily Word®, continuing education classes, Silent Unity, affirmative prayer, and the empowering teachings of the Fillmores provide spiritual solutions to any problem."

“When I read the stories of how Daily Word has made a difference for people, I realize that this simple tool is a huge help in today’s world,” says Margaret.

She and Louis support Unity because it “effects a ripple.”

Says Margaret: “It is a way to give and create light in the world.”