Noelle Federico

Noelle FedericoUnity Supporter a “Conduit” for God

As a child, Noelle Federico learned prosperity principles from her mother. Now a highly accomplished business executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Noelle credits her success to those very principles and practices.

“I have prospered even when other people were struggling,” she says. “My mother and I worked our way out of poverty using affirmations. We proved the principles over and over again.” 

Today Noelle is Business Manager and Chief Financial Officer of, a leading provider of fully licensed micro-stock photos; CFO of Music City News Publishing Inc., Nature’s Youth Inc., CEO of Fortunato Partners Inc.; and the founder of a nonprofit called “A Generous Heart,” which gives people tools and strategies to succeed. She is passionate about helping others discover Unity teachings and prosperity principles.

“People think circumstances dictate their lives, and that just isn’t so,” she says. “What you look at, talk about, read, etc., becomes your reality. Your results come from what you spend your time on. Negative attention gets negative results; positive attention gets positive results.”  

Central to her prosperity practices is a heartfelt dedication to tithing. 

“Tithing is the baseline principle for all of it,” says Noelle, whose contributions to Unity have included a major gift to help fund the restoration of Unity Tower and a significant donation to the restoration of the central courtyard fountains. 

Noelle is very clear in her tithing philosophy: “It’s not my money. It’s God’s money. God has enabled me to use it. God gives it to me because I’ll be a conduit.” 

She also believes that one’s self-image is key to realizing and sustaining prosperity. “If people don’t bring up their worthiness index, they can’t keep what they receive.” 

Every morning, Noelle spends an hour praying, doing her affirmations, and reading the Bible or other spiritual books, such as Catherine Ponder’s Open Your Mind to Prosperity. She continues to use affirmations such as: God is the source of my supply and I dare to prosper now.

“Everything I’ve studied is based on Charles and Myrtle Fillmore’s teachings,” says Noelle.

She is following her mother’s example in teaching prosperity principles to her own child, Antonio. “It got drilled into my head, and now I teach it to my 12-year-old son,” she said.

Noelle also leads seminars and workshops for business people and entrepreneurs, and is focused on expanding her career as a speaker and teacher. 

“I want to do more to teach principles that will change people’s lives because I feel this is my purpose,” she says. “I really would like to be doing things on as large a scale as possible to let people know they have everything to do with what they experience. God wants to help you, but God also wants you to help yourself."