Sandi Angotti

“Serving Good, Serving Spirit”

Unity Is a Way of Life for Sandi Angotti

Call it serendipitous channel surfing. Divine synchronicity.

“I was flipping through channels late one night and landed on a local spiritual show,” Sandi Angotti says. “A Unity minister in San Diego was discussing Daily Word® and I thought, Oh, gosh! That’s what I believe!”

Sandi had an idea.

“I called several of my girlfriends and asked them to go on a road trip with me. We were going to go to that church and find out what it was all about.”

Sandi discovered Unity was “a way of life she could embrace.” Later, when she needed a spiritual uplift after her divorce, Unity was there. 

“Unity is so meaningful to me because it’s centered in prayer,” she explains. “And I love that we’re inclusive of other faith traditions.

“It’s also significant to me that we have two founders. It’s always seemed to me that Charles Fillmore came more from the mind and Myrtle Fillmore was from the heart. This makes for a deeper sharing experience.”

Sandi, a retired police detective with 25 years on the force, is a licensed Unity teacher. She also serves on the Unity Board of Directors for the Southwest Region and has participated in ministerial teams with Unity Worldwide Ministries. 

Retreats and positive music are also important to Sandi.

“There are songs that stir my soul,” she says. “I remember being at a retreat and hearing ‘Here I Am, Lord’ and tears just started rolling down my cheeks.

“I was feeling the power of what it means to serve good—to serve Spirit.”

Sandi also serves by donating generously to Unity. “As we give, so we receive,” she says. “There’s a lot of creative power in Unity. I like to be aligned with it.

“Things grow where we put our money, our attention, and our love. I find the more I give, the more satisfied I am.”

Sandi gave financial support to restore the flooring of the seventh-floor studio space in Unity Tower, formerly home to Awaken Whole Life Center. Others helped complete the rest of the room, but Sandi liked the idea of “being a grounding presence” in the Tower.

“Every little bit helps, and together, we get a lot done,” she says.