Life doesn't always go as planned. When the outcome isn't what you expected, you may experience a sense of grief, anger, fear, or loss. Over the next two weeks, Silent Unity will present a question each day to help transform these thoughts into a more positive outlook. As we begin our journey, please join us in affirming: Today I choose a fresh perspective. I see possibility instead of limitation. I see hope instead of despair. I choose thoughts that build a better world.

What Am I Doing Today That Makes Me Better Than Yesterday?

By Rev. Marilyn Muehlbach

What am I doing today that makes me better than yesterday?

When things don’t go as you hoped, it’s difficult to see you still have choices, but we are only victims to the fate we create for ourselves. We can still learn to love and accept others even when we don’t agree with them. In that way, we honor ourselves as much as we honor them.

Before we can be a positive influence on the people around us, we need to get into the habit of practicing self-care. When life is spinning out of control, I’m better when I return to the BIG 4:

  1. Meditate—Just a few moments of clear mind makes a huge difference in how I face the day. (It may take many moments to achieve those few moments of clear mind.)
  2. Eat Healthy—Eating healthy food (and ditching the sugar) helps my mind clear and my body feel better.
  3. Exercise—Moving my body is like hitting the reset button. It invigorates me—body, mind, and spirit.
  4. Sleep—Eight hours of good sleep puts me at the top of my game.

If we take a moment each day to focus on the BIG 4, we will be in a much better place to express our divine potential and make a positive impact on the lives of others.