Unity Affirmations

October 2018

Inner Peace
Peace. Peace. Peace is my true nature.

Centered in divine wisdom, I trust my inner knowing.

I celebrate ever-flowing vitality in my body and my life.

My mind is one with God-Mind, in which everything is possible.

World Peace
Centered in Christ consciousness, I am the light of the world.

November 2018

Inner Peace
I breathe in an atmosphere of God’s perfect peace.

By the light of divine wisdom, I know the way to go.

All conditions are harmonized and healed in the presence of God life.

In a spirit of thanksgiving, I thrive.

World Peace
I am a visionary of peace within and among all people.

December 2018

Inner Peace
Divine peace is my path and my true nature.

I follow the star and respond to the light of divine wisdom.

God is the flow of life within my body and being.

I rejoice in abundant possibilities.

World Peace
The Christ born in me is a gift to the world.


I am connected to the Divine within through my prayers.

I am open to the wisdom of Spirit.

I allow only divine ideas to guide my way.

Focused on Divine wisdom, I know what is mine to do.

Spirit leads me, guides me, and walks beside me.

The gentle presence of Spirit guides and directs me.


I am an open channel through which prosperity flows.

I am grateful for a full and prosperous life.

I anticipate God's good.

God is my unfailing source.

I open myself to the Divine flow of goodness, ideas, and substance.


I am an agent of harmony in the world.

I am one with the presence of God.

I work with others in harmony and cooperation.

I give thanks for every one of my relationships.

In harmony of mind and purpose, our differences fall away.

I open my heart to love, and I am blessed with peace, joy, and harmony.


I am safe and secure in the light of God.

I am protected by a consciousness of Truth.

By the power of Christ in me, I am directed and protected.

I trust in God within.

I am protected and assured of continual well-being.

Inner Peace

I am lifted up by the power of God within.

I accept the comfort and strength of God.

The still, small voice calls me to my center of peace.

I am open to the peace of God within.

The presence of God permeates my being.

I am at peace.

The peace of God lives in the quiet of my heart.


I am whole and healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

The Christ within assures my strength, energy, and vitality.

I am open and receptive to the healing love of God within.

God's healing power is at work in me now.

I am healed and renewed.

Divine life renews every cell in my body.

I am wondrously made of infinite love.