Natural disasters. Civil unrest. In challenging times fear can be widespread. To help shift fear to faith, Silent Unity is inviting the world community to unite in prayer for 30 days by affirming the following prayer: The healing, harmonizing spirit of God is present in my life and all life. Peace, order, harmony, and well-being are restored.

Faith Over Fear

By Rev. Gaylon McDowell

Life is a mystery. Life is forever changing and no matter how hard people want some things to stay the same—changes happen. For some people, the unpredictability of life is problematic. The human ego, functioning out of fear of the unknown, tries to control situations, people, politics, religion, and anything it can dominate to maintain control and feel safe. Some people are looking for assurance in the midst of constant evolution. The challenge is, no matter how hard we try to preserve a way of life, it will change.

Human consciousness fears what it cannot control. Anything different from the norm is scary to the preservation of the alleged status quo. Fear then begins to dictate what we do. Therefore, we cannot allow the lower levels of human thinking, based on fear, uncertainty, and ignorance, to dictate our decisions. We must transcend the limited view of the human ego and connect with a higher level of awareness, seeing beyond the facts and limited perceptions to the goodness of God.

Charles Fillmore wrote that faith is, “The perceiving power of the mind linked with the power to shape substance.” Faith is our ability to see the possibilities of life. Faith sees ideas where fear sees disbelief. Faith sees opportunities where fear sees obstacles. Faith sees potential where fear sees problems. Faith sees abundance where fear sees lack and limitation. Faith allows us to work with God’s omnipresent substance (infinite possibility) and shape it into a manifestation of good we can understand and use in our lives.

If we want to master life, we must exercise our faith. We must say yes to our good by seeing it spiritually, holding it in mind, believing in it, and bringing it into manifestation.

Faith allows us to become independent thinkers. When we keep our faith in God in us, our thinking will not be determined by limited paradigms, but by the context of love, wholeness, and prosperity.

Jesus taught that faith works with the spoken word. In the Gospel of Mark 11:22-24, Jesus teaches us how to utilize the power of faith. He taught us to speak the word of faith to the “mountains” in our lives. First, we must put our minds on the Spirit that transcends the appearance by seeing God’s goodness with our faith; then we must speak to our seeming problems and tell them to be dismissed into nothingness. Trust God and live in your power. 

Silent Unity would love to hear from you. Please share any thoughts, reflections, and blessings you received during the 30 Days of Fearless Living prayer initiative.

If you have a prayer request, please use the online form and it will be placed in our Prayer Vigil Chapel for 30 days of continuous prayer.