Natural disasters. Civil unrest. In challenging times fear can be widespread. To help shift fear to faith, Silent Unity is inviting the world community to unite in prayer for 30 days by affirming the following prayer: The healing, harmonizing spirit of God is present in my life and all life. Peace, order, harmony, and well-being are restored.

My Prayer Experience

By Rev. Brian Grandon

On September 28, 2010, I was carrying a pane of glass from an old house on a construction site—and it shattered. It severed all of my tendons, a nerve, and an artery in my left arm. I did not know the extent of these injuries at the time, but was in a state of shock and convinced the foreman to drive me to the hospital. I did not take the time to fasten a tourniquet, but just squeezed it with my good hand and jumped in the truck.

To begin with, I have relatively low blood pressure and am anemic. After just a few blocks, I realized I was in serious trouble. Soon, I would bleed to death! I was immediately becoming groggy; my grip was weakening and couldn’t stop the blood flow. Then, I prayed, “But God, I’m not done yet.” I prayed another highly personal prayer, and began to shut down. We were still about 10 minutes away from the hospital. I began to wonder if this really was my time, or if I would have a near-death experience. I was not fearful of death at all, just disappointed that the guy next to me would be freaked out by a dead body next to him and not being able to say goodbye to my loved ones.

Suddenly, I heard him yell out, “Hey, there’s an ambulance on the side of the road up in front of us!” He honked his way across seven lanes of San Diego traffic to cut off two ambulance guys from leaving a 7-11 parking lot! They had just stopped in for some soda pop for lunch. So, in this parking lot, the EMTs stopped the blood flow and got oxygen on me so quick it was amazing.

Later that evening, I met up with the EMTs at the hospital. They told me that my blood pressure was so low that I only had about two minutes until it was game over. God answered my prayer long before I knew what to pray. My life is a prayer and I am never separated from God.

Silent Unity would love to hear from you. Please share any thoughts, reflections, and blessings you received during the 30 Days of Fearless Living prayer initiative.

If you have a prayer request, please use the online form and it will be placed in our Prayer Vigil Chapel for 30 days of continuous prayer.