Natural disasters. Civil unrest. In challenging times fear can be widespread. To help shift fear to faith, Silent Unity is inviting the world community to unite in prayer for 30 days by affirming the following prayer: The healing, harmonizing spirit of God is present in my life and all life. Peace, order, harmony, and well-being are restored.

Create a Meaningful Life

By Martha Lynn
Excerpted from Good Business: Putting Spiritual Principles Into Practice at Work

The way we choose to think, feel, and act directly comes from one of two places—our egos or our higher self. If ego or personality is at the root of our thinking, feeling and acting, our decisions/choices may be based on lack, survival, or fear. …

Rather, our higher self shows up as possibility thinking, gratitude, and inquisitiveness. When we listen to our higher self, choices, decisions, thoughts, feelings, and actions take on a whole new realm of possibility. Our perceptions are more objective, our thoughts are more compassionate, our feelings are more loving and our actions are in integrity. …

We just need to clearly remember and recognize who we are at the core of our being and act from that place of love and strength.

The Process

1. Identify your intention.
Maria Nemeth, author of Mastering Life’s Energies and owner of the Academy of Coaching Excellence … teaches her students to start each day by asking: “Who am I willing to be in order to produce an extraordinary result out of this day?” …

2. Become a self-observer.
We have to be able to observe our thoughts and the stories we are telling ourselves about our encounters. I am a great storyteller and meaning-making machine. I can listen to a few words in a team meeting, phone call, or dialogue with another and create an entire three-act play. Ego loves drama, fear, and power, and many of my stories are great tragedies. It’s important for me to quickly observe the stories and stresses I am experiencing … and to be able to redirect my reactions in ways that will be helpful to me and others. …

3. Take authentic action.
“Authentic” in this context means to act from our higher source—our intention—not from the ego, but from that spark of divinity that is in all of us. When we act from that place, we know we are being true to ourselves. We are expressing energy that is coming from our soul. We are spirit in action. …

As we go about our work, whatever form that might take, let’s all remember to say yes to what really matters in our life; to say yes to choice; to take time to pause, reflect, and choose our intentions carefully; to self-observe our thoughts and feelings; and to act authentically from that sacred place of love and strength.

Silent Unity would love to hear from you. Please share any thoughts, reflections, and blessings you received during the 30 Days of Fearless Living prayer initiative.

If you have a prayer request, please use the online form and it will be placed in our Prayer Vigil Chapel for 30 days of continuous prayer.