Natural disasters. Civil unrest. In challenging times fear can be widespread. To help shift fear to faith, Silent Unity is inviting the world community to unite in prayer for 30 days by affirming the following prayer: The healing, harmonizing spirit of God is present in my life and all life. Peace, order, harmony, and well-being are restored.

Change: Designed to Illuminate

By Rev. Ogun Holder
Excerpted from Unity Magazine®

Whatever someone is going through, no matter how difficult it may seem, the feelings will not last forever. … It might eventually come to pass, but in the meantime it’s here, and the discomfort we feel is very real. The desire to escape the distress and “dis-ease” can occupy every waking moment ... and often our sleeping ones, as well. How did we get here? What did we do to create this? Isn’t it the truth that we brought this affliction upon ourselves?

Well, there’s truth … and then there’s TRUTH. The truth is that we may or may not be responsible for whatever change has occurred in our lives. Sometimes we make choices; sometimes they are made for us. This is not to say we are victims, just that we are not in control of it all—a subtle but profoundly important distinction. More than 7 billion people live in the world. That’s a lot of choosing and creating. As much as we are all connected in the nebulous Oneness, we are truly creating only our own experiences. And because there are 7 billion of us, we will also always be involved with someone else’s creations. Unless, of course, we choose to live as a hermit atop a mountain, and even then we’ve left someone behind. Add to that natural disasters ... Mother Earth doing some rearranging of her own. Without warning, diagnosis and death and despair and disaster can occur in our lives. Some would say there is a certain elegance to the Universe᾿s creative chaos. But more often than not, we neglect to notice and appreciate the artistry until well after we have stepped away from the crisis of the moment.

Now here’s the TRUTH: The Creative Essence of the Universe, All That Is, the One Power and One Presence we call God, the Alpha and the Omega, whatever name and understanding to which you subscribe, is fully present at the point of your consciousness. In this moment, this very now moment, in the midst of it all, resides a being of immense magnificence, of limitless power, of transcendent grace. If you’re still unclear about who that being is, take a look in the mirror. But do not see only the strained features of a weary body exhausted by change and grief. Look into your own eyes and go deeper—deeper into the certainty of the strength that lies beyond what you deign to believe you possess; deeper into the knowing that you are not simply expressing the Divine, but that you are the Divine.

There is nothing in this life of your own creation, or that of another, that can exceed your potential for mastery. Indeed, the very unpredictability of life is a catalyst for personal and spiritual transformation. In his New York Times best-selling book The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer reminds us that “The highest spiritual path is life itself.” Didn’t get in your 20 minutes of meditation today or make it to church on Sunday? Take heart: Every moment, especially the unscripted, messy, painful ones, is an opportunity for the Divine that is You to make itself known.

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