Natural disasters. Civil unrest. In challenging times fear can be widespread. To help shift fear to faith, Silent Unity is inviting the world community to unite in prayer for 30 days by affirming the following prayer: The healing, harmonizing spirit of God is present in my life and all life. Peace, order, harmony, and well-being are restored.

The Spiritual Journey

By Rev. Jim Rosemergy

Human beings fear many things, ranging from loud noises to public speaking to feelings to failure to success to death. I don't know a single human being who has not experienced fear. However, I do know people who have not allowed fear to dominate their lives.

Wherever there is fear, there is also the possibility of courage. To be brave is not to be without fear, but to be able to act in spite of fear. In truth, the way beyond fear is through it, and on this journey, we discover something wonderful about ourselves. Unknowingly, fear is the first to call for the courageous spirit of God that is our true selves.

… I have experienced fear in combat—not so much that I would die, but that I would be captured and tortured or that I would never see my family again. I have felt the fear that comes when a loved one is in danger and on the precipice of death. These circumstances came and went, and in their going, I learned what it was to give attention to God in the midst of a difficulty. However, now I am challenged by fears of a different nature. Perhaps they are fears that we share and which we can move beyond together. I wonder at times if I am doing my best. I question whether I am living the life that I am meant to live. Am I resisting the divine plan? Does my life make a difference? Am I living a life of purpose? Can you see the nature of my concern?

Perhaps these fears can be summed up with the question: Am I in some way saying "No" to God? This is my greatest fear. Perhaps writing to you is the beginning of my journey beyond and through the fear. It is good to get things out in the open. Dear friend, talk with someone about your concerns and what you fear. Also, know that you are a person of courage and valor. Every time you voice and face a fear, you may experience anxiety, but you are also one step closer to being free of the paralyzing effect of the fear. When we willingly enter into our fears, they lose their power, and the power that God is rises up to say: "Fear not, I am with you. We have a work to do together."

Silent Unity would love to hear from you. Please share any thoughts, reflections, and blessings you received during the 30 Days of Fearless Living prayer initiative.

If you have a prayer request, please use the online form and it will be placed in our Prayer Vigil Chapel for 30 days of continuous prayer.