Monthly Meditations

We create our life experiences through our way of thinking. One way to align ourselves with Spirit is through meditations.

Meditation Date
Peace in the Midst September, 2017
Guidance August, 2017
Inner Peace July, 2017
Possibility June, 2017
Life May, 2017
Blessing April, 2017
Renewal March, 2017
Love February, 2017
Unlimited Potential January, 2017
Peace December, 2016
Gratitude November, 2016
Abundance and Prosperity October, 2016
Divine Potential September, 2016
Peace August, 2016
Guidance July, 2016
Love and Comfort (Grace) June, 2016
Love and Comfort May, 2016
Everyday Living April, 2016
Inner Peace March, 2016
Everyday Living February, 2016