Heart of Healing Silent Unity Retreat 2019

Heart of Healing—Silent Unity Retreat 2019

Join us this spring at Unity Village for our annual Silent Unity Retreat. This year’s theme is “Heart of Healing.” In the safety of our retreat environment, through prayer, practice, and reflection, we heal and renew.

Retreat Details

Dates: April 25–28, 2019 View Schedule

Location: Unity Village, Missouri

Accommodations: Unity Village Hotel or Holiday Inn Express (shuttle available)

Event Cost: $549 (Hotel excluded)

Be immersed in the uplifting power of affirmative prayer. All are welcome to this sacred time of reflection and self-care.

This event features many spiritual experiences, including:
Inspirational speakers, interactive teachings, shared meals, meditation, labyrinth walk, a tour of Unity Village, live music performances, and much more!

NEW! Featured Programs

Rev. Paulette Pipe

Rev. Paulette Pipe of Touching the Stillness Ministries presents “Dance Your Own Dance Meditation”

Jenny Hahn

Jenny Hahn of Unity Arts Ministry presents “Living in the Creative Flow: A Process Painting Experience”

Why Go on This Retreat?

Spiritual retreats give us permission to rest. They give us clarity, removing ourselves from day-to-day routines. Spiritual retreat fills us up, opens us up, and returns us to our everyday lives with greater strength and peace.

Come to Unity Village to be embraced by peaceful spirituality. To feel supported, nourished, and inspired, to open your heart to the story of your life. Come to Unity to remember your essential goodness.

Silent Unity Retreat Leaders

The retreat leaders will inspire and guide your experience and expression of true divine nature.

Guiding Prayer

God is love. I am an openhearted, single-minded, divine human, aware of my oneness with God. My heart beats in harmony with divine love. In prayer, I tell myself the great story of how I heal when I realize oneness—the power of divine love. Through prayer, I practice healing one thought at a time. Healing the heart of me, I refresh and renew all aspects of my life.

As I heal, I tell the story of resilience and regeneration. I tell the story of grace and glory. I pray in appreciation of wholeness and well-being in the heart of me.

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