Kindred Spirits: Animals as Spiritual Teachers

Kindred Spirits: Animals as Spiritual Teachers

Simple Living: When Less is More Cover and SpreadIn wordless ways, through their abiding love and steady companionship, animals teach us what is truly important. When we spend time with our animal friends, we become fully present and attuned to their ways.

If we are open to learning from them,
animals are powerful spiritual teachers

In honor of these winged, furry, hoofed, finned and whiskered sages, Unity created an inspiring booklet: Kindred Spirits: Animals as Spiritual Teachers.

It’s a collection of heartwarming stories about companionship, laughter, learning to let go, and the countless life-enhancing lessons we can learn from our animal companions.

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You’ll learn from our authors how animals have taught them to:

  • ·      Embrace the now
  • ·      Embody gratitude
  • ·      See beyond appearances
  • ·      Get lost in play
  • ·      “Just be there” for someone
  • ·      And much more!

See inside Kindred Spirits: Animals as Spiritual Teachers

This lovely booklet also contains affirmations for pet owners and animal lovers on subjects such as healing … protection … pets that are missing … mistreated animals … and recovering from the loss of a pet.

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