Weathering the Storm

Coping With Pain, Loss and Overwhelming Change
Weathering the Storm booklet
Change is constant—an integral part of our human experience.

But coping with change isn't always easy. Often we are overwhelmed by change that feels at the time like “the end of the world,” “failure” or “a crisis.”

What happens instead when we take a broader view? When we hold to our faith and refuse to be controlled by current circumstances?  When, instead of labeling and resisting our experience, we accept it and remain open to our unlimited potential and the creative power of the universe to create a new reality in our lives?

Unity's new booklet, Weathering the Storm—Coping With Pain, Loss and Overwhelming Change, can help you gracefully navigate change in your life.

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Be inspired by firsthand accounts of people who learned to “let go and let God.”

Learn practical, positive ways to experience the inevitable flow of endings and new beginnings.

Weathering the Storm—Coping With Pain, Loss and Overwhelming Change will also help you:

  • Release the past and embrace new experiences
  • Practice forgiveness and acceptance
  • Trust in the Divine flow
  • Change your outlook and experiences by changing your thoughts
  • And much more …

See inside Weathering the Storm—Coping With Pain, Loss and Overwhelming Change.

You can choose how you experience change. Unity's new booklet can show you how!

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