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Unity Books publishes the defining voices in consciousness, clarity, and common vision for spiritual transformation in the world today. For over 100 years we’ve featured the preeminent authors in New Thought, spirituality, personal growth, spiritual leadership, mind-body-spirit, and spiritual self-help.

New From Matthew Fox Stations of the Cosmic Christ

Stations of the Cosmic Christ

By Matthew Fox and Bishop Marc Andrus

Offering ecumenical prayer and practices, Matthew Fox and Bishop Marc Andrus reflect on 16 unique and thought-provoking sculptures as they guide us through the transformation necessary to know ourselves as other Christs. The Cosmic Christ is the image of God shining in every creature and every human being.

Also Available: Meditation Cards

Beautiful full-color cards from Stations of the Cosmic Christ to aid in your meditation time. Includes an instructional booklet containing suggestions on how to use the cards.

New Releases and Popular Titles

Turn Me to Gold

Turn Me to Gold: 108 Poems of Kabir

Andrew Harvey, Rumi scholar, mystic, and founder of Sacred Activism, authors this beautiful collection of Kabir translations, paired with photographs of India by Brett Hurd.

Write It on Your Heart RAK

Write It on Your Heart: Random Acts of Kindness Journal

In this interactive journal, Unity employees share personal stories of acts of kindness and offer ideas for ways to serve others. Space included to journal your experiences and illustrate your thoughts.

Daily Word Affirmation Cards Healing

Daily Word Affirmation Cards: Healing

Created by Daily Word magazine, this deck of 30 health and wholeness affirmation cards offers words of encouragement to support anyone experiencing a healing challenge or anyone who wants to maintain a natural state of wellness.