Perpetually Finding the Perfect Message

THE DAY MY SWEET WENT TO HEAVEN. Those words, written by hand, appear across the bottom of my copy of the page for the February 12, 1995, message in Daily Word magazine. This single page sits framed front and center on the bookcase in my office at Unity World Headquarters. The note was written by my great-grandfather the day his wife passed away. In divine order as Unity teaches, the word for that day was “Comfort.”

My grandmother presented me with this treasured page in 2011, and ever since I’ve held it dear to my heart. What my grandmother doesn’t know is that the real gift she gave me was much greater than this one piece of paper. 

The fall of 2016 felt like a story straight from a movie. My husband Michael broke his ankle in three places one Thursday evening. The next day, after hours of appointments and scans, we had no sooner returned home than he fell down our concrete front steps. As he lay on the sidewalk in excruciating pain, I frantically called 911. The call was followed by an ambulance ride to the emergency room and a five-day hospital stay. With a 3-year-old daughter and a 6-month-old son, I was now completely overwhelmed.

Once Michael was settled in his hospital room, I finally had a moment to breathe. Exhausted, I sat wondering how we would get through this. I picked up my cell phone and opened my Daily Word app. Before my eyes was the perfect affirmation: “The healing life of God renews and revitalizes me.” Surely, I thought, this was written just for me, right? In that moment I knew that although a long journey lay ahead, my husband would be healed. He would be renewed and made stronger. This message brought to light the inner strength I needed, and the strength we would share as a couple, with our loving family surrounding us. We would pull together to overcome what felt like an insurmountable obstacle.

Michael’s injury required surgery. The procedure went well, and I felt comfortable staying at the hospital with him while my mother left to take care of our children. But as the evening wore on, his pain became unbearable and no medication was working. I couldn’t have felt more helpless. After what felt like hours, they finally wheeled him down for more anesthesia. When they made me leave his side, I was escorted back to his hospital room and found myself completely alone. I felt broken. I couldn’t protect the man I love from excruciating pain. I had tried so hard to be his rock that I had nothing left to stand on myself. Then I crumpled in the corner, sobbing.

I again turned to my Daily Word app. The message of the day was “Safe and Secure,” and the affirmation read: “I take refuge in God’s presence and I feel safe.” The message began, “I feel a growing sense of peace when I remember that God is everywhere present … I can take refuge in God.” Comfort washed over me, and I knew I was not alone.

In the months to follow, not only did my husband heal physically, but I also found a strength within myself that I didn’t know I had. I had grown spiritually and mentally stronger, and our marriage grew stronger, as well. My grandmother’s gift that had started as one piece of paper became so much more. The true gift is knowing that in times of struggle and doubt, the message of hope and strength I need is always there.

Recently I came across a new affirmation that really resonates with me: I am strong enough and good enough. I have carried this with me each day and find peace knowing that I am strong enough and good enough—for whatever comes my way.

Author Biography: 

Hailee Pavey

Hailee Pavey is the art director for Unity Magazine. She has worked at Unity World Headquarters since 2011 and is currently the senior graphic designer. Unity has been a big part of Pavey's family for generations. Her great-grandfather became a Daily Word reader late in life. Pavey's grandmother is also an avid Daily Word reader. Pavey lives in Independence, Missouri, with her husband and their two children.