The Power of Presence and Prayer

The Power of Presence and Prayer

In the summer of 1967, when I was 17, I was riding my little motorbike on a country road in the Ohio farming community where my family lived. Suddenly a blue car that had been following me bumped me slightly from behind. As I frantically tried to recover my balance, the car rammed into me hard enough that I flew off the bike. I skidded across the road and into a ditch.

I remember wondering why the driver had hit me, because I hadn’t done anything, and then I saw his car turn around. I thought he was coming back to help me, but instead, he drove up alongside me, pulled out a gun, and shot me. I heard his car door open and close, followed by footsteps walking over the gravel. Then I heard him unzip his fly. I opened my eyes and saw him still aiming the gun at me.

What happened next saved my life. I didn’t feel angry. I didn’t feel afraid. I could have just been in shock or maybe it was divine intervention—I don’t know—but in that moment all I felt was compassion. Go figure. He’s hit me with his car, he’s shot me, and now he’s about to sexually assault me and shoot me again. Yet for some reason, I just felt this depth of compassion for his pain. His arm started to shake, and I could feel this struggle going on inside him. Part of him truly wanted to shoot me again, and another part couldn’t do it because I was just present with him, with his soul. There’s nothing so powerful as being present with another human being, silently acknowledging we are soul travelers on the same pathway together. It made all the difference.

It was as though a balloon had deflated. His arm dropped, and he got back in his car and left. Later, I found out that this man had sexually assaulted and murdered quite a few women. I’m the only one who ever survived his attacks.

Someone eventually drove by and called an ambulance, and I went to the hospital. My pain was intense, and the lights in the emergency room were so bright. Suddenly everything got quiet and dark, and the pain receded. I felt like I was inside a black bubble. But then it burst, and golden light surrounded me.

I felt connected to everything and everyone. It was this crazy feeling of being home. It seemed as though the life I’d been living for 17 years was a dream, and this existence with the golden light was reality.

Everybody who was alive now and who’d ever been alive was there. We were all one—not separate from each other—and yet we were also individuals. I know this sounds contradictory, but in that place, it seemed natural.

I couldn’t conceive of time. I tried to think about the past, but I couldn’t because it didn’t exist. The only thing that seemed true was now—infused with an amazing, familiar sense of love. I felt only love, and it was inconceivable to try to think of anything that wasn’t love.

I saw a river of light, and I knew that to stay there I had to get across it. When I got about halfway across, a voice said, “You can’t come now. It’s not your time. There are things you need to do.” I was suddenly yanked back into my body.

The doctors later told me I had died. I lost a kidney, my spleen, my adrenal gland, and eventually a significant part of a lung. A tube was put into my heart. I still have a hole through my spine. I was told I could never have children. They said it was a miracle I lived.

My parents, who were chemists, were atheists who believed that if you cannot prove anything scientifically, it’s not real. However, my grandparents, who lived a few thousand miles away, went to both Science of Mind and Unity. My grandmother immediately contacted all of her prayer circles and Silent Unity. Within minutes, people all across the United States were praying for me to survive. Those prayers meant everything. I might not be here today except for the power of prayer. When I say I love Unity, I mean I really love Unity!

The Power of Presence and Prayer

In my new book Energy Strands (Hay House, 2018), I write about cords or threads of energy that connect us to everything—every person, every tree, every planet. It’s not unlike what I experienced in those moments when the doctors thought I had died. We’re a part of all things. What happens here in this reality, the reality of separation, is that some of these strands become thicker and bigger.

For example, a really thick cord of energy flows between you and anyone you love. There’s also a thick cord between you and a person you truly don’t love, whom you want out of your life.

We have cords to the Creator. We have cords to our spirit guides and angels. We have cords to our pets. We have cords to our ancestors. Sometimes, we are energized and healed through these cords. This energy can help us become radiant, expansive beings. But sometimes it’s valuable to release an energy cord, such as a cord to someone who zaps our energy.

When you’re talking to someone, you may notice your energy is expanding and there’s this beautiful ebbing and flowing between you through the cord connecting you. However, if you notice the other person walks away feeling amazing while you feel like crawling away because you’re so exhausted, it’s because the energy has flowed from you, but none has flowed back into you. You’re drained. Even if a person you’re connected to lives far away, because of these energy cords, you may feel it if they get distressed. We are influenced and affected—and we affect the universe—through these cords of energy.

When people contact me to pray for someone I don’t know, I send my prayers not to the recipient but to the person requesting the prayers. My intention is for healing energy to go through the requester to the person they want to help. It’s much more powerful than sending prayers directly to someone I don’t know. For example, the cord between me and my grandmother instantly plumped up when she started those prayer chains. She didn’t do it consciously, but when she connected to those people, she created cords between her and each one of them. All of the energy flowed to me through that beautiful big grandmother cord connecting us.

There’s probably nothing as powerful as Silent Unity, but because so many people have asked me for prayers, I created a free healing portal on my website with an image of the ocean and sounds of the sea ( Healers around the world send energy into the portal. People can go there online, knowing others are sending energy into it. You can receive that energy or send your extra energy into it to share with others.

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Denise LinnDenise Linn is an expert in feng shui and space clearing as well as wisdom from indigenous cultures. She’s taught seminars in 25 countries and has written 19 books, including Feng Shui for the Soul (Hay House, 2000). She is the founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching. Visit

This article was adapted from a March 2018 interview Denise Linn gave to Debra Moffitt on her Unity Online Radio show, Divinely Inspired Living, which is archived on