Wayne Dyer and 'We Consciousness'

Wayne Dyer and We Consciousness

While he was still alive, spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer often talked about what he thought dying and leaving his body would be like. He described the afterlife as “just moving on to the next phase.”

When he made his transition in August 2015, he was so excited to finally reach that destination he’d talked about and to let us know that he was continuing to do his work from a new place. He began communicating through Karen, a psychic medium. Initially, Serena was skeptical because several people had contacted the family to say they were getting messages from Wayne. Most of these people had very vague messages or shared things that didn’t make any sense, and some were clearly trying to capitalize on being a channel for Wayne Dyer.

With Karen it was different when we all met in person at his celebration of life in Orlando, Florida, she wasn’t coming to the family with messages or being pushy at all. We just happened to sit next to each other on a bus. Karen was very unassuming and very loving, and her energy felt very safe. When soon after that the family flew to see her in New Jersey, they felt she really was channeling Wayne. It was very much his tone, which was, “Come on, let’s go. I want to get started.” She jumped right in.

The family had discussed things they wanted to hear from him through Karen to know if it was really him, things that were not public, and she touched on every single one. Not to mention that he indicated that Serena was pregnant, saying “congratulations, fireworks, Fourth of July.” Serena was thinking that couldn’t be right; she had a 5-month-old baby at home and hadn’t planned to get pregnant again so soon. But as soon as she left Karen’s office, she took a pregnancy test, and it was very early positive. Her due date turned out to be the Fourth of July! Windsor Wayne was born July 1, 2016, a little more than 10 months after Wayne transitioned.

Karen was a reluctant medium. The first time she heard Wayne come through, she was speaking at a Hay House event with all these other authors, and she kept saying to herself, I’m so insignificant, I’m so insignificant. Then she heard a voice that sounded exactly like Wayne Dyer say loudly, “Get out of your own way!” She couldn’t believe it was him at first, but it was.

The first year or so, Wayne would give messages through Karen for his children and his wife, so Karen was on the phone with the family a lot. He once told her to call his daughter Tracy at 6 a.m. Karen was hesitant, thinking it was too early to call. But Wayne insisted, saying, “Call her now,” so she did. The first thing he said to tell her, before Tracy even spoke, was “Yes, I can hear you, but you can’t hear me.” When Tracy heard that, she started to cry. She’d just had a dream about her dad and in the dream, she was yelling at him, “Can’t you hear me?”

He really wanted to convey that his works and teachings while he was alive were right—that the soul goes on. He was so excited to be doing the work in a new way, in a bigger and broader way from this new place. He seemed thrilled. He said that after you leave the physical body, you’re able to feel this oneness because the body no longer separates you from everyone else. He talked about the afterlife and the interconnectivity of everyone and everything, how what you do to yourself or someone else affects the whole. He stressed that each of us is just as important as everyone else. We all have source energy within us, and if we understood the power we all have, we could create miracles in our lives and in the lives of those around us. We could create peace on this earth.

Wayne told us he had joined forces with a group consciousness called the We Guides, which includes Saint Francis of Assisi and other ascended masters and angels. It’s hard for Karen to differentiate him from everyone else in that group. When Wayne comes through for his family, he comes through as Wayne Dyer himself, with his own personality. But when the energy comes through as the We Guides, it’s impersonal. They are the ones who gave us the truths Karen shared in her book, We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace (Hay House, 2018). These are lessons Wayne expressed during his lifetime and that Serena grew up with.

When her father was alive, Serena didn’t read his books or listen to his podcasts very often because she didn’t have to. She could just call him on the phone and chat, and she’d spend months on end with him on Maui, where he lived. His work as a spiritual teacher and his relationship with Serena, as her father, were two separate things for her.

It was only after he transitioned and she saw the incredible outpouring of love and grief people had—as if they’d lost a father, a spiritual guide, a teacher, or a friend— that Serena realized how much of an impact her father had on other people’s lives. She started to pay more attention to his work, following more closely in his footsteps, although she’s the first to admit that those are really big footsteps to follow! She likes to think that her father’s teachings rubbed off on her during her upbringing. Now she’s able to go back and rediscover him through the teachings he shared with the world.

Many of the lessons Wayne gave Karen for We Consciousness are reminders about the need to get quiet, to meditate, and to connect. After all, while praying is talking to God, the angels, and our loved ones, meditating is listening to them. They often come to us as thoughts that pop into our heads for no reason. If your thoughts are going a mile a minute, you won’t be able to hear what these beings are communicating. Most people expect to hear a voice or see an apparition of a loved one, but they’re spirits. They don’t have physical bodies. If you want to connect with your loved ones, the key is to quiet your thoughts in order to hear theirs.

What we hear Wayne suggest most often, however, is to find love in response to hate, and to go to that place within ourselves where we recognize that we’re all connected. He says we’re all branches on the same tree, this tree of humanity, and that no tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst each other. When we engage in a battle, even if it’s a silly battle on Facebook, we’re just creating more of the stress, fear, anxiety, and tension that we say we don’t want in the world. People get so caught up in their emotions, especially when they believe what someone else is doing or thinking is wrong. But Wayne says, “Your highest self wants peace. Go to that place of peace.”

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Serena Dyer Pisoni and Karen NoeKaren Noe is a psychic medium, spiritual counselor, healer, and the author of We Consciousness (Hay House, 2018). Serena Dyer is the sixth of Wayne and Marcelene Dyer’s eight children and is the coauthor with her father of Don’t Die With Your Music Still in You (Hay House, 2014).

This article was adapted from an August 2018 interview Karen Noe (R) and Serena Dyer Pisono (L) gave to Diane Ray on her Unity Online Radio show, Be Present: The Diane Ray Show, airing Wednesdays at 3 p.m. (CT) on unityonlineradio.org.