January/February 2013

Table of Contents

10. Eat, Drink and Be Mindful

By Peter Bolland

When you approach each meal as a sacred ritual best experienced mindfully, eating becomes a more fulfilling activity.

13. Blessed by Beads

By Rebecca Johnson

Many faith traditions incorporate the use of beads as a tool to enhance prayer and meditation.

16. Be a Goal Getter!

By Arturo Mora

Are you making resolutions, setting intentions, or just striving for improvements in your life? We have some tips for success.

19. Sidebar: Making an Intention Mandala

By Janet Conner

20. Dealing With Disability

By Dawn Elise Evans

When one woman was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, she was stunned. Then she started pondering the big questions in life.

24. Kindred Spirits

By Paula Coppel

The story of Jesus Christ and the birth of Christianity bear remarkable parallels to the story of Gautama Buddha and the beginning of Buddhism.

28. The Nonviolent Revolution

By Heide Aungst

Gandhi said his religion was based on nonviolence, a practice that led to a communication technique that has changed people’s lives.

31. The Conundrum of “Spiritual but Not Religious”

By Paul John Roach

In an era of mega-churches and dogma, institutions are sometimes seen as antithesis to spiritual unfoldment. How can we build healthy spiritual communities?