January/February 2015

Table of Contents

14. Sacred Journeys: The Fire and Ice Within

By Annette Thompson

You might expect to be surrounded by natural beauty on a visit to Iceland. But what this traveler didn’t see coming was how connected she would feel to the earth and sky and wind in ways both raw and powerful.

18. The Mastery’s in the Middle

By Rev. Paul John Roach

Moderation may seem monotonous and balance a bit boring (yawn!), but most sacred traditions teach that keeping a steady course between extremes yields the best inner guidance. A Unity minister talks about how balance helps us stay centered and connected to Spirit.

22. Perfecting the Art of Connecting

By Mallory Ragon

A Unity minister based in Costa Rica teaches connecting more deeply to ourselves as a means to connect more genuinely with one another. Her much-touted methods have so far transformed schools, churches, families, organizations, and even businesses.

26. Listening in With … Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith: Go for the Glow

By Katy Koontz

A greatly respected New Thought minister reminds us that we are all luminous light beings. He encourages us to raise our vibration so we can live in the realm of possibility, beauty, abundance, and connectedness (in other words, the real world).

30. Connecting Through the Camino

By Deborah Shouse

The stories of two women who—braving both the elements and the blisters—set off separately on a popular 500-mile pilgrimage in northern Spain, heeding a directive they simply could not ignore: Walk this way!

34. The Endless Practice of Going Deep

By Angie Olson

Best-selling poet Mark Nepo discusses his new book and the importance of keeping our hearts open (especially when that’s downright difficult). The only way to awaken and grow, he says, is to loosen our grip—even on the good.

38. When the Lights Go Out in the Sanctuary

By Nhien Vuong Dougherty

A Unity ministerial student discovers that being buoyed by a love-and-light-filled spiritual community 24/7 is not always in our best interest. Sound crazy? Truth is, sometimes spiritual growth takes facing a little shadow.