January/February 2016

Table of Contents

14. Minding the Gap

By Linda Carney

Don’t let your dreams go down the tube. A professional therapist and licensed Unity teacher shares both psychological and spiritual advice for navigating the tricky space between our current reality and the future we want to manifest.

18. Becoming Mirabai

By Mirabai Starr

In this adaptation from her memoir, an award-winning author, lecturer, and interspiritual leader shares her story of coming of age while living at the Lama Foundation—an intentional spiritual community in New Mexico—in the mid-᾽70s.

22. Listening in With … Joe Dispenza
Embracing Change

By Katy Koontz

A pioneer in neuroscience and epigenetics explains why—and how—we can reprogram our brain and alter our genetic destiny. His model of meditation involves slipping into the quantum field and not just rubbing elbows with but joyously embracing the unknown.

26. Something Called Peace

By Sam Friedlander

Of all the times people have told the author “I’ll pray for you,” none has resonated quite like the offer made by a refugee camp resident on the eve of her return home (with two daughters in tow) to an ISIS-controlled area of Syria.

30. It's About Time

By Barbara Bowen

Caring for a loved one with dementia often means watching them shift into any number of different timelines—as you stay anchored in “real time.” A daughter and caretaker shares what the experience is teaching her about time, reality, and grace.