January/February 2018

Table of Contents

12. Sage & Savvy Voices:
Creating From Consciousness

By Shakti Gawain

A pioneering teacher in the field of consciousness tells the story of writing her 1978 primer on creative visualization, which went from grassroots guide to international best-seller.

14. The Light Fantastic

By Deborah Shouse

What does it take to spark not only outer but also inner vision? Optometrist and vision scientist Jacob Liberman explains why he sees light as the purveyor of consciousness. Time to shine!

18. ‘What Do You Want to Do?’

By Rev. Kelly Isola

A Unity minister dives into the personal letters and unpublished writings of Myrtle Fillmore and resurfaces with a rich perspective on the beloved Unity cofounder’s views on healing.

22. Listening in With … Jill Bolte Taylor:
Training Your Brain for Inner Peace

By Katy Koontz

A brain scientist and bestselling author explains why our most important relationship is always the one between our logical, rational, of-the-world left brain and our creative, intuitive, in-the-now right brain.

26. Synergize the Power Within You

By Robert L. Rose

For most, receiving a cancer diagnosis is terrifying. This man saw it as an opportunity to demonstrate the truth that medical practice collaborating with spiritual practice affirms healing and wholeness.

30. Healing From the Heart

By Annie L. Scholl

Think wisdom resides in your gray matter? The most profound wisdom actually lives in your spiritual heart. A Unity minister shares three easy steps for accessing it.

34. Unlocking the Healing Power of Spices

By Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D.

Several flavoring agents stashed in your kitchen cabinet contain potent compounds that promote health. An expert explains which spices curry the most favor.