July/August 2013

Table of Contents

The Golden Rule
By Peter Bolland
Everyone knows the Golden Rule—and in one form or another it is found in all religions and ethical philosophies.
‘We Turn to India’
By Philip Goldberg
Subtly yet surely, there has been an incorporation of ideas from Hindu and Buddhist teachings that pervades the spiritual beliefs of many Americans.
Inclusive Christianity         
By Paula Coppel
Many modern-day Christians would like the faith to return to the fundamental principle that Jesus taught: to love one another.
Conflict and Prayer in the Holy Land                                                                              
By Laura Barrett Bennett
A Unity minister finds comfort in prayer during a tense moment in the Middle East.
Merging Two Paths to God
By Reginald Oliver
A longtime follower of Islam shares why he embraces Unity.
Moving Meditation
By Rebecca Johnson
Tai chi, a martial art with roots in ancient China, has been discovered by Westerners as a way to enhance their meditative practices and boost their health.