July/August 2014

Table of Contents

12. Radiant Aging

By Judith Orloff, M.D.

A renowned psychiatrist and energy healer explains that aging and feeling old don’t necessarily overlap. Far more important than your chronological age, she assures in this uplifting excerpt from the book The Ecstasy of Surrender, is how you wear the years.

16. Reflecting on Reflecting: Why I Inquire

By Dale Goldstein

A psychotherapist and longtime Zen practitioner shares a powerful technique for dealing with your deepest issues: dropping the outer trappings of the story to follow the feelings, asking yourself questions that pull you deeper and deeper into your core truth.

20. Sacred Journeys: Saying Yes!

By Katy Koontz

How often do we unknowingly dismiss whispers from the universe? Chasing a dream to the ancient city of Petra, one woman discovers that when it comes to guidance, the completely impractical can sometimes turn out to be positively perfect.

24. Listening in With … Wayne Dyer: An Affection for Reflection

By Katy Koontz

One of the most prolific of all spiritual teachers dissects his past in a discussion about how each event in our lives is divinely ordered—even if we don’t see it that way while we’re riding out the rough spots.

28. Following the Red Thread That Led to Lucy

By June Lemen

One woman’s recollection of taking a slow boat to motherhood, navigating temperature-taking, infertility drugs, horror stories, piles of paperwork, and a seemingly interminable flight. Spoiler alert: Instead of a happy ending, she wound up with a happy beginning.

32. Repurposed With a Passion

By Annie L. Scholl

After a son is murdered in Somalia, few would blame his mother for retreating in grief. But that’s not Kathy Eldon’s style. Steeped in Unity principles, Eldon honors her son Dan by helping social change activists like him succeed.

36. Medicine That Makes Sense

By Mallory Ragon

The best remedy for what’s ailing the practice of medicine today may just be the relatively new discipline of functional medicine. These cutting-edge doctors aim to restore balance in the body, focusing on creating wellness instead of treating disease.