July/August 2015

Table of Contents

14. Discovery Through Recovery

By Allan Lokos

The cofounder and guiding teacher of a major Buddhist meditation center in New York City shares the story of how, after he survived a fatal plane crash in Asia with serious injuries, his mindfulness practice helped him to heal.

18. Lesson From a Young Raccoon

By Rev. Thomas Shepherd, D.Min.

In which a Unity minister rescues a trapped and frightened raccoon and, upon reflecting on the unusual encounter, comes to appreciate the light (er, positive) side of darkness and the precious gifts it offers for spiritual growth.

22. Igniting Imagination

By Cheryl Russell

Think imagination is just kid stuff? Poppycock! says a children’s author who explains how regularly cultivating imagination enhances our happiness and spiritual well-being. She also shares 10 tips for boosting what’s arguably the most fun of the Unity Twelve Powers.

26. Listening in With … Thomas Moore
Revisioning Religion

By Katy Koontz

An academic theologian, archetypal therapist, and best-selling author explains why he doesn’t use the word truth, warns against idolizing spiritual superstars (including the Dalai Lama), and shares what he has in common with atheists who dislike “all this God talk.”

30. Sacred Journeys:
Pilgrimage Into the Heart of Tibet

By Renee Finkelstein (Radharani)

Against seemingly impossible odds, a Westerner making a holy trek around the base of a sacred mountain discovers that every once in a while the universe conspires with compassionate souls—human and otherwise—to stack the deck in our favor.

34. Who Exactly Is God, Anyway?

By Rev. Temple Hayes

How we see ourselves and how we see God are intertwined. Each informs the other, as a Unity minister explains in this essay about how she more fully expresses her divine self the more she gets who God truly is.