July/August 2016

Table of Contents

14. Bringing Mindfulness to the Table

By Mindy Groman-Plutzer

In an age where multitasking is commonplace and fast seems to be society’s preferred pace, it’s no wonder many of us have a fairly mindless relationship with food. A nutrition consultant and eating psychology coach outlines the advantages of making mealtimes mindful.  

17. A Hard Truth to Swallow

By Carole Jacobs

One family’s story of how the dysfunctional patterns underlying an anorexic teenager’s dangerous disorder came to light, allowing multigenerational healing to begin. The key: Eating disorders aren’t about eating, and recovery begins with feeding the heart.  

18. Learning the Language of Consciousness

By Mary O'Malley

Sometimes our psyche is like a house crowded with crazy relatives who’ve overstayed their welcome. Here, an expert shares a simple but powerful four-step technique that helps send those hellish houseguests on their way. Goodbye, Great Uncle Dread!  

22. Listening in With … Matthew Fox
Champion of Challenge

By Katy Koontz

Challenge, says this theologian-activist, is necessary for spiritual evolution. So when the Catholic Church kicked him out of the Dominican brotherhood he’d belonged to for decades (because of his “dangerous” unitive teachings), he mimicked the Master and shook the dust from his feet. 

26. Declare It So!

By Rev. Ellen Debenport

Agapi Stassinopoulos grew up in a house with barely two drachmas to rub together. But her mother lived every moment as though life was rigged in their favor, opening her heart wide and demonstrating abundance simply by refusing to accept anything less. 

30. Good Grief

By Rebecca Johnson

Grief, challenges, and pain are certainly no fun. But as this writer discovered, growth and gratitude await us on the other side. Learning to embrace the dark as well as the light is the surest passage back to balance.