March/April 2013

Table of Contents

Answering a Higher Calling

By Deborah Shouse

Many of us are envisioning ways to live a happier, more prosperous life but feel bound by self-perceived limitations.


Real Men Meditate

By Arturo Mora

Unhelpful stereotypes can prevent men (yes, women too) from meditating. We can break through these false “stories” by choosing meditation methods that fit our individual personalities and by closely examining the stories themselves.


Pray Up and Slim Down                                                                             

By Julie Rehm

In striving to lose weight, some find a change in consciousness goes hand in hand with nutrition and exercise.


Was Jesus Married—and Why Does It Matter Anyway?

By Bill Tammeus

As scholars debate the authenticity of a newly discovered piece of ancient papyrus, the more interesting question may be—why does it matter?


Three Faces of God

By Karen Kelly

Do you refer to the God of your understanding as You, Me, or He? A multifaceted “integral” approach embraces all three perspectives, say leading spiritual teachers.


The Day the Earth Shook  

By Jacob Needleman

How an earthquake provided the jolt that awakened one man to a metaphysical revelation.