March/April 2014

Table of Contents

12. Creating Awesome Relationships

By Marcus Ambrester

Most relationships hit a little turbulence at times. An experienced couples’ therapist gives guidance on deepening your emotional intimacy so you can turn that conflict into closeness.
Sidebar: Four Pillars of Awesome Relationships

16. Classroom of One

By Annie Scholl

Sometimes the only way to figure out what you really want is to figure out who you really are. When that involves leaving everything you know to dive deep within, a journey of startling self-discovery is inevitable.

20. This Above All

By George Cappannelli and Sedena Cappannelli

We aren’t here to tap dance to someone else’s tune. Here’s why you should unleash a little Crazy Wisdom to express your truest self (coloring outside the lines encouraged).
Sidebar: Navigate Your Future at Unity Village

24. Listening in With … David Kessler: Transforming Grief

By Katy Koontz

A renowned expert on grief and loss talks about what we can learn from relationships that end, why even the most painful relationships are never failures, and why the wrong person is probably the right person—for now.

28. An Evolution of Friendship

By Angie Olson

Our concept of friendship naturally evolves along with our own lives. Whether any of our friends remain close for a lifetime or bounce in only briefly, each serves a perfect purpose.
Sidebar: Facets of Friendship

32. Spring-Clean Your Body

By Susan Smith Jones

You spring-clean your house, so why not your body? A noted health expert outlines 12 tips for doing a successful cleanse—and shows that detoxing isn’t nearly as scary as you may think.

36. Three Secret Thoughts That Sabotage Relationships

By Jill Rogers and Richard Rogers

A pair of Unity ministers and life coaches shine the light on three secret thoughts that sabotage our relationships. Drop this distorted thinking, they assure, and you’ll find the freedom to love bigger.