March/April 2015

Table of Contents

14. The Quest in Questions

By Gregg Levoy

The author of a new book about passion examines why humankind has a driving need to quest, not rest. We long to keep moving, discovering, and evolving. The ultimate goal, he says, is actually keeping the goal at bay.

18. Those Ephemeral Things

By Kristina Coggins

Almost dying can cue a greater knowing to unfold in your consciousness about what is—and what is not—important, true, and real. From then on, shares a woman who’s been there, life has a totally different luster.

21. The Merits of “Messy” Meditation

By Barrett Self

It’s no surprise that emptying our minds of all thought in meditation is good for us—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But the latest research shows that allowing our minds to wander aimlessly as we meditate can have some surprising benefits too.

24. Listening in With … Gerald Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione-Jampolsky
Giving Your Attitude Plenty of Latitude

By Katy Koontz

The founders of Attitudinal Healing International discuss how transformative it can be to choose love over fear. Instead of being faultfinders, they say, we can choose to find love everywhere we look—if we’re willing to shift our attitudes. They’ve gone global with their message and have seen profound results.

28. The “Rawsome” Way to Better Health

By Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D.

Shun the stove, overlook the oven, and forget about your frying pan. A health and wellness expert reveals the remarkable benefits of a raw foods diet. For starters, it’s higher in antioxidants and other nutrients, and it’s lower in calories and fat. Raw rocks!

32. A Love So Big It Resembles Space

By Lyndi Smith

A love story about two women who thought they were through with love stories. What the author never saw coming was how different a relationship would be while practicing nonattachment and mindfulness. Giving each other space, she discovered, actually brought them closer.

36. Fear and the New Puppy

By Barbara Bowen

A story of how for one woman, man’s best friend turned out to be a terrific (if furry) teacher in disguise—a teacher with a cold, wet nose for trouble and eventually triumph.