March/April 2016

Table of Contents

14. Fighting Excess Fat by Mastering Your Metabolism

By Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D.

An expert on health, diet, and nutrition shares the skinny on effectively boosting your metabolism to create effective, lasting weight loss. Her advice—which addresses mind, body, and spirit—may be just what you need to launch a new you. 

18. Becoming a Magnet for Miracles

By Deborah Shouse

After Unity student Pam Grout learned the specifics of how our thoughts create our reality, she developed a set of fun experiments to convince others they could do the same thing—becoming a best-selling author and creating a minimovement in the process. 

22. Listening in With … Deepak Chopra
Evolution Evolved

By Katy Koontz

Many people assume the experience of consciousness somehow fits into our physical world, but this well-respected, cutting-edge mind-body-spirit pioneer turns that approach inside out by posing an intriguing question: What if it’s our physical world that fits inside consciousness?

26. Sacred Journeys:
Machu Picchu Mojo

By Annette Thompson

A woman who’d long dreamed of visiting Machu Picchu finally gets her wish. Although the universe initially seems to be conspiring against her, the clouds suddenly part—meteorologically and metaphorically—revealing both Machu Picchu’s magic and tender inner truths. 

30. From Chaos to Calm

By Jackie Woodside

A spiritual teacher steeped in Unity shares the story of how she found a way to turn down life’s craziness and live from a more centered and spiritually whole space instead. The secret? Begin managing your energy instead of your time.