March/April 2017

Table of Contents

14. Pepper Prayer

By Susan Frields

While preparing for a Sunday morning talk, a Unity teacher gets a resonant reminder from a feline friend about the potent five-step prayer process Unity teaches. In outlining these steps, she explains exactly why affirmative prayer is the most empowering form of prayer possible.

18. The Home Within

By Molly Pennington, Ph.D.

A woman who had it all suddenly loses interest in the material world, starts meditating, and returns to her roots in India to study with a guru. Now back in the United States, she’s found her experience has brought her a whole new sense of home.

22. Listening in With … Tererai Trent
From Believing to Achieving

By Katy Koontz

This woman’s dream of earning a Ph.D. at a U.S. university was unheard of for a girl growing up in rural Zimbabwe (let alone one who was traded for a cow). Once she achieved her dream, she returned to empower others to achieve theirs as well.

26. Building a Spiritual Bridge

By Deborah Shouse

In deepening her relationship to the Divine, a Muslim woman living in the Middle East embarks on a spiritual journey of surrender. Following a calling to write a book teaching that “God is only one,” she discovers her soul’s purpose and helps others discover theirs.

30. The Miraculous Universe

By Marianne Williamson

In her latest best-selling book on how spirituality can help heal depression, a leading spiritual teacher reminds us that there’s nothing our whole mind cannot do. This excerpt from her book offers advice in making the shift from fear to love.