May/June 2012

Table of Contents

P 12. Our Thoughts, Our Health
By Arturo Mora
Some believe that the mind holds the power to heal our bodies of illnesses. But does the mind also attract illnesses through the activity of our thoughts?
Sidebar: The Healing That Started Unity

P 16. Demystifying Meditation
By Ben Neal
Meditating doesn’t mean you fight your thoughts; it means you observe them. A step-by-step guide.
P 18. Spirituality of Yoga
By Rebecca Johnson
How yoga can deepen your meditation and enhance your spiritual development.
P 21. Unity Institute Special Section
P 25. Taking Stock at the End of Life
By Deborah Shouse
Unity believes physical life is a place for the soul to grow. Here’s how dying can be part of that growth. 
P 28. The Spiritual Danger of Perfectionism 
By John Connor, LUT
Insisting on perfection can take a toll on your creativity, but being spiritually grounded can help the perfectionist overcome this tendency.
Sidebar: How to Be Perfect
P 31. The Wondrous World of Grandparenting
By Annie L. Scholl
Grandchildren provide an opportunity to demonstrate spiritual values and to give—and receive—unconditional love. 
Sidebar: Five Tips to Nurture Children’s Spirituality
P 44. Voices
By Barbara Bowen