May/June 2013

Table of Contents

12. Love and Acceptance

By Katie Cashin and Barbara Bowen

The mother-daughter relationship is a source of inspiration and strength. Two women tell us about what they’ve learned from this special bond.

16. Anchored in Faith

By Deborah Shouse

How Unity of Joplin has come through stronger after a tornado destroyed their building in 2011.
Sidebar: How to Offer Support Following a Trauma
By Rev. Kelly Isola

20. Mark Nepo: ‘Blessed to Be Here’

By Annie L. Scholl

The poet and best-selling spiritual writer talks about how having cancer made him more open to living an authentic life.

24. Beyond Happiness

By MaryLou Fair Worthen, Ph.D.

A new subfield of psychology is helping us understand what it means to achieve well-being and to flourish. Many proponents see similarities to spiritual principles taught in Unity.

28. What Is a Well-Lived Life?

By Peter Bolland

Sixty years ago, Abraham Maslow broke ground in the field of psychology when his “Hierarchy of Needs” suggested there was a stepwise approach to realizing well-being. But does his theory conflict with the spiritual belief that the “kingdom of heaven” is already within us?