May/June 2014

Table of Contents

12. Altared States

By Jill Angelo

Indoors or outdoors, spiritual or practical, creating altars in your home connects you to the Divine on a regular basis. This inspiring excerpt from the book Sacred Space gives some heavenly advice for how to do exactly that.

16. Practicing Nonexpectation

By Paul John Roach

A Unity minister visiting India discovers the joyful, magical, and even mystical blessings we open ourselves to whenever we let go of expectations and trust whatever comes. Fortunately, he assures, cultivating this expansive mindset does not require a passport.

20. Living Life Unrehearsed

By Rev. Kelly Isola

Phobic of change? Fretting about the future? You’re certainly in good company. A Unity minister explains why the best strategy for facing transition may well be to take a wild, trusting leap into the mystery of life.

24. Listening in with … Marianne Williamson: A Vote For Transformation

By Katy Koontz

One of the most popular spiritual teachers of our age explains why she’s running for Congress. With her platform of getting the money out of politics and establishing a more conscious, humanitarian government, Marianne just might be a miracle.

28. Yoga as a Tool for Transformation

By Danielle Diamond

Yoga strengthens more than muscles. It also teaches the practice of mindfulness, helping you stay more centered during life’s inevitable ups and downs. The founder of Xen Strength Yoga shares how discovering downward dog helped her ditch despair and beckon bliss.

34. When Passion and Purpose Collide

By Deborah Shouse

Sue Vicory asked herself a simple question—and got a whopper of an answer. She may have woken up that morning a corporate VP in the sheet metal business, but that night she went to bed a budding documentary filmmaker.