May/June 2016

Table of Contents

14. The Couple Bubble

By Charlotte Lieberman

Have a sullen spouse? Perhaps a petulant partner? Rebuild your relationship with the unique method developed by couples therapist Stan Tatkin. His successful approach requires putting your relationship’s needs above your own—and it starts with creating a safe, protected space.  

18. Friend or Faux?

By Carole Jacobs

Technology is a great way to foster friendships and stay in touch— or is it? Here’s a look at what can go wrong in relationships when you’re connecting via phone or email, along with tips for keeping communiqués genuine.  

24. Listening in With … Robert Thurman
Close Friends in Faraway Places

By Katy Koontz

The preeminent Western scholar on Buddhism talks about how he became fast friends with the Dalai Lama (who ordained him as a fellow monk), how Buddhist and Christian philosophies often overlap, and why China will free Tibet—fairly soon. 

28. Trust Your Inner Compass

By Helene Lerner

In this excerpt from her latest book, a successful executive explains that intuition is a higher form of knowledge and emotional intelligence—one that can propel you light years ahead in the workplace if you learn to trust it. 

32. Chasing the Lightning

By Barbara Bowen

A newly divorced woman receives a strong message, sent by a storm. She and her teenage daughter set off on a brief adventure that helps them reconnect with their true selves and to Spirit, beginning yet another journey—one of true healing.