May/June 2017

Table of Contents

12. Sage & Savvy Voices:
Transformative Intuition

By Laura Day

The New York Times best-selling author of Practical Intuition talks about growing up as an intuitive and learning to hone her skill—as well as how we all can channel energy to heal our bodies, our communities, and the planet.

14. Mustering Mirth (And Why It's Worth It)

By Cheryl Russell

A certified laughter leader insists laughter is no joke. Laughing just for the heck of it can actually boost physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Good news for grouches: You don’t even need a sense of humor to drink the giggle juice.

18. Painting as a Portal

By Jenny Hahn

Process art isn’t about creating something pretty. In fact, it’s often about expressing something that’s not so pretty. But as this artist and workshop leader explains, the end result is nothing short of a luminous masterpiece—one that adorns your soul, not necessarily your walls. Pass the purple!

22. Listening in With … Doreen Virtue
Redefining Creativity

By Katy Koontz

A world-renowned author and spiritual teacher raised in Unity maintains that creativity is not limited to the visual or literary arts and that we are all creative. She sees creativity as a skill, not a gift, through which we can communicate with the Divine.

27. Holy Humor

By Rev. Bob Fortner

A Unity minister known for his occasional silly sermons explains why expressing laughter and joy can be infinitely more pious than being solemn and serious. Humor, he says, not only lightens our mood, but also helps us ease into the flow of Spirit.

30. Fire in the Temple

By Mark Nepo

A celebrated spiritual poet shares the story of a 17th-century Buddhist monk who was badly burned in a fire, yet emerged enlightened—as well as the powerful and poignant choice the monk faced at the heart of his experience.