May/June 2018

Table of Contents

12. Sage & Savvy Voices:
Lessons From a Medium

By James Van Praagh

One of the world’s most accurate mediums breaks down the process of how to communicate with the other side. The key, he says, is connecting to the love inside ourselves that is God.

14. The Zen of Hanging 10

By Annie L. Scholl

“Saltwater Buddha” Jaimal Yogis has looked to both Zen wisdom and surfing for his spiritual growth ever since he was 16 years old. True happiness, he discovered, is always an inside job.

18. Dance that Really Delivers

By Carla Stalling Huntington, Ph.D.

An expert in both dance and theology is putting sacred mystical dance back in the spiritual spotlight, where she explains the joyous and powerful practice has always belonged.

22. Listening in With … Byron Katie:
Forging Freedom

By Katy Koontz

All emotional pain, says the founder of The Work, results from faulty thinking, which you can often heal with just a slight shift in perception. Cue four seemingly simple questions that will open your mind— and your heart.

26. Wildflower Wisdom

By Victoria Price

A 23-year-old woman on a road trip in a VW bug turns a simple fact shared by a state park ranger into a major life lesson. Now an inspirational author, she shares it in this excerpt from her new book.

30. Give Me Five

By Rev. Temple Hayes

A Unity minister outlines how the five agreements from ancient Toltec wisdom are markedly similar to the five principles of Unity. After all, universal truths are just that—universal. Each faith adds its own brilliant facet.

34. A New Spin on The Holy Spirit

By Gary R. Renard

One teacher’s personal experience with the Holy Spirit led him to learn a startling truth about the relationship between two of history’s most revered spiritual figures. According to him, Jesus and Buddha were buds.