November/December 2012

Table of Contents

10. ’Tis the Season for Gratitude

By Annie Scholl

When you’re grateful for the good things in life, your focus shifts and the joy in your heart expands.

13. The Long Journey Home

By Deborah Whitehouse, Ed.D.

To bring love into our homes requires that we first come home to the spiritual center within us.

16. Sacred Circles

By Toni Lapp

The ancient practice of creating mandalas is more popular than ever as an aid to meditation.

20. What to Expect 12-21-12

By Arturo Mora

Many people have come to believe that ancient Mayans had predicted the end of days would happen in 2012. Here’s what their calendar really is telling us.

23. War and Healing

By Deborah Shouse

After witnessing the horrors of combat, veterans often struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder. How spiritual principles can help them reintegrate into civilian life.
Sidebar: Restoring Faith After War

30. From Enemies to Empathy

By Steven Taylor

Empathy is the key to freeing ourselves from hatred and connecting with our true nature.

44. Voices
A Wonderful Lesson From It's a Wonderful Life

By Bob Welch